Big Budget Product Launch Video For A Lot Less!

Style & Feel

Simple. Clever. Humorous.

Prep Effort


Video Shoot Time

Approximately 1-3 Hours

A hugely successful blockbuster crowdfunding campaign by Sandwich Video from 2013 amassed millions of dollars in preorders and 10MM+ views on YouTube for their client. Follow this template to see what Sandwich Video did to make this impactful video for their client. Sandwich Video (according to their website) charges a minimum of about $200,000 per video. Using Bolt Video’s affordable, flexible & fast business video production service, your business can get a similar video made for less than $1,000* (less the now famous product pitch man). The first thing to do is to watch the video below. 

Once you've watched the video above, read below to see how we've broken this video down to its different elements, showing how you can make this type of video for your business.

Video Structure

Intention Statement

Your video should start with a short intention statement like:

"I'm here to tell you about Coin"

Problem Statement

Next deliver a short problem statement like:

"Wallet filled with too many cards"

Solution Statement

Then deliver a short solution statement like:

"This is a Coin. It's a simple card just like a regular payment card"

Video Demo

Video demo the product or service, highlighting at least 3 different features or ways that your product can be used:

1) Swipes just like a debit card 2) Tap button to change to business card 3) Get your credit cards into Coin

Bold Benefit Statement

Summarize with a bold benefit statement that solves the problem statement.

"In this card. All your cards. And all you ever need is one."

Other Ingredients


Note that the main setting of this video was made to match the problem statement, which was a retail location where someone would struggle with too many cards in their wallet.

The setting changes during the video demo elements when he was using the card in different locations and highlighting the security features.


Note that the main actor was involved in delivering the whole storyline and spoke directly to the camera at all times.

There were also supporting actors like the store clerk and the waiter that were put in place.


There was an element where the actor makes the credit card expand into multiple credit cards (which was an effect done in post-production). There are simple, affordable post production effects that allow you to “wow” your audience.


There are a couple of funny moments (not over the top) in the video that also help with engagement. For example, at the 1:13 minute mark, he says he’s done and then remembers one more feature/benefit to share.

Would you like to see how you could use this template to get a $200,000 professional video created like this for your business for under $1,000*?  If so, jump to Step 1 below.

Or, if this type of video isn't quite right for your business at this time, and you'd like to see other templates we have available, please contact us.

Step 1

Schedule your free consultation and we'll help you understand how Bolt Video works and help you determine if it's right for your business.

Step 2

If you determine that Bolt Video is right for you then sign up for the Bolt Video production plan that matches your video appetite and budget.

Step 3

Use the Bolt Video system to help script out your video, schedule your video shoot(s), and the sit back and wait for Bolt Video to create your amazingly affordable video(s)!

*Create a video similar to this one for your business using a Bolt Video subscription plan. Less than $1,000 price tag is based on a customer subscribing to Bolt Video’s Gold Plan and using two hours of video shoot time to capture the footage for this video. Actual video shoot time may vary.

Affordable, flexible, & fast business video production.
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