How To Make A Fun Choose Your Own Adventure Video

Style & Feel

Fun. Interactive.

Prep Effort


Video Shoot Time

Approximately 1-2 Hours

We had a lot of fun creating our first interactive video. This particular video template is a choose your own adventure, with three possible outcomes, all leading to asking the viewer to take an action (which in this case was entering in their email address to express interest in interactive videos like one).

First watch the video below and make sure you go back and watch all three possible endings to the video. If you are viewing this interactive video on a mobile device, please click this link.

Once you've watched the video, read below to see how we've broken this video down to its different elements, showing how you can make this type of video for your business.

Video Structure

Attention Grabber

Your video should start with a short attention grabber like:

"I said I wanted my coffee black! This tastes like hot water. Oh (sees camera is on), and here we go.

There are lots of different ways to grab your audiences attention and make them feel that this video is different than what they've seen before.

Set Up Move

Next deliver a set up move that primes your audience for the choices that they'll be able to make like:

You have to make choices every day: 1) What to wear, 2) What to eat, 3) Who you gonna call

This is an opportunity to poke fun at your own business or industry, which your customers should find fun.

Action Statement

Then deliver a short action statement that leads your viewer to the three choices that they can make, like:

"Click a button below to decide what you'd like me to do next in this video"

The Heart

The heart of this video is delivering the 3 choices that the customer can choose to make.

1) Sing A Song 2) Tell Dad Jokes 3) Have A Cry

Have some fun with the choices you provide your viewers and they are bound to have fun too.

Call To Action

At the end of each video you want to provide a call to action that asks your viewers to do something like entering in their email, filling out a form, buying a product, etc.

"If you're interested in learning more about interactive video put your email address in the link below."

Other Ingredients


The main setting of this video was really simple and everything was filmed in the same location.

You may want to consider a different location for each one of the choices that people can make, depending on your business.


The main actor was the person who was appropriate to deliver this announcement (the CEO).

It may make sense to have a different actor involved for each of the three choices a viewer can make.

Extra Cheese

This video didn't hold back on the cheese. The goal was to entertain our viewers while at the same giving them an understanding of how interactive video can work.


At the core of this video is the technology that allows us to let the viewer to interact with the video and make choices. 

Bolt Video is currently exploring adding interactive capabilities as an add-on option for our customers.

If this looks like the type of video you'd like to make for your business, fill out the form button below and we'll send you an editable template to help you create your storyboard.

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