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Have you considered creating a video to welcome your new hires to the team once they accept your job offer? If you expect to be hiring more people in the future, it's a good idea to start thinking about it because it can be a great way to provide a consistent approach to ensuring your new hires get the kind of welcome you want them to have every time.

The example we've picked is not a viral video, but it's a great example of a video that is fun and light and comes across as very welcoming to the new hire. This particular video example is on the long side, but if you watch just the first couple of minutes and then maybe the last 30 seconds or so, you'll get a good idea of what the approach is for this type of video.

Once you've watched the video above, read below to see how we've broken this video down to its different elements, showing how you can make this type of video for your business.

Video Structure

Attention Grabber

Your video should start with a attention grabber like this one with the friendly guy driving up on the golf cart and providing a very welcoming hello that talks directly to the new hire...  

"Hey, how are you doing.."

Camera Follow

Your friendly person at the beginning of the video could make a great "tour guide" as the camera follows the guide around to meet others in the organization.

The Heart

The heart of this video should be various people in the organization helping to give the new hire a sense for the culture and the tone that you want to set with with the new hire.

That may or may not include an introduction to the HR person(s) in your organization who they will meet with on their first day.

The tour guide can continue to be a part of the show or not at this point.

Bookend Statement

Summarize with a bookend statement that matches what your tour guide said in the beginning that the viewer was going to experience on this "tour".

"See, I told you that this was a great place to work! And I wish you good luck!

Other Ingredients


The main setting should be the main place where the employee will be working and other areas of the company you'd like to show off to them.


This one's easy. Your team members are the actors for this one. It might even be cool to include a customer or two in the mix.


Assuming you want your new hire to feel really welcome, we recommend lots of smiles like there were in this video!


If this video example is the type of "feel" that you want your new hires to have when they first come on board we recommend having your people be authentically themselves on camera. Don't try to script them on what you want them to say or it won't come across as authentic.

If this looks like the type of video you'd like to make for your business, fill out the form button below and we'll send you an editable template to help you create your storyboard.

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