How To Make A Memorable Announcement Video

Style & Feel

Silly. Clever. Fun.

Prep Effort


Video Shoot Time

Approximately 1-3 Hours

We think this video by Sendoso, a startup technology company who created the video to announce their Series A funding round, did a great job of grabbing the viewer’s attention and having some fun with their big announcement. The result is an effective, memorable and entertaining video.
The first thing to do is to watch the video. After you watch the video, check out the next page where we break down the elements of what the video entails and how Bolt Video can help you create a similar video for your big announcement.

Once you've watched the video above, read below to see how we've broken this video down to its different elements, showing how you can make this type of video for your business.

Video Structure

Attention Grabber

Your video should start with a short attention grabber like:

"Oh, I'm glad you are here"

This attention grabber was effective because he was walking out of the elevator while speaking.

Intention Statement

Next deliver a short intention statement like:

"We've got some exciting news to announce"

Note that the camera was still following him as he walking.

Solution Statement

Then deliver a short solution statement:

"Starting today we are offering five new delivery methods for our customers"

Note that this solution statement shouldn't be true, but instead lead to some ridiculously unbelievable examples to correlate to the "false" solution statement.

The Heart

The heart of this video is delivering the (5) ridiculously unbelievable examples correlated to the false solution statement.

1) Delivery by scooter 2) Delivery by frisbee 3) Delivery by dog, etc.

Reveal Statement

The end of the video should include a reveal statement that confirms that the ridiculously unbelievable examples were in fact not the real news, and then deliver the real news.

"Just kidding, but we did just announce our Series A so let's celebrate."

Other Ingredients


The main setting of this video was in their office, which was appropriate for their announcement. A portion of the initial statements were delivered with the camera tracking the main actor.

Note that the setting changed for each of the 5 unbelievable examples that they shared.


The main actor was the person who was appropriate to deliver this announcement (their CEO).

Supporting actors were effective at making the video more interesting, like the girl reeling in the package with the fishing pole.

Extra Cheese

This video did a good job of adding some Extra Cheese to help make the Ridiculously Unbelievable Examples even more silly, like when the girl smiles and there is a ding and a star shine coming from her smile.


There are simple, affordable post production effects that allow you to entertain your audience like the sound of the record screeching right before the reveal statement was delivered.

If this looks like the type of video you'd like to make for your business, fill out the form button below and we'll send you an editable template to help you create your storyboard.

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